28 startups led by over 50 founders have joined the 434 Accelerator. Additionally, we have connected teams with over 250 students whether by way of internships or class projects.

These teams have gone on to collectively create over 125 jobs and raise greater than $28,000,000 in capital and grants — a multiple approaching 60x the grant support provided through the program.

2023 / 2024 Cohort


Brokerbotics has built the first, really simple automation platform for income-generating, net-credit option strategies. Designed for you, not for analysts and mathematicians.

Cortado AI

From property setup, booking inquiries, and guest comms to work-order management, the AI platform developed by Cortado manages every touchpoint in the property & guest management journey.


The team at Synersia have developed a revolutionary pain-relieving one-step cream that dries into a protective, self-sealing layer over wounds, delivering numbing and healing agents for fast and effective relief. 

Scale Materials

Scale Materials is producing next generation polymer products for industry— improving efficiency, sustainability, and operational capabilities.

Side Nerd Apps

Side Nerd has developed SMS-enabled tools for users to track real time, critical information in natural language, while also providing secure access to that data for decision-making.


WattBuild provides user-friendly software tools and guides aiding consumers in understanding and choosing the right energy solutions for their needs.

2022 / 2023 Cohort


FinTech for Truckers. CargoLabs has developed a platform to provide daily embedded excess freight insurance for SMB long-haul trucking.


The UTrain team has developed a free all-in-one business management solution for basketball trainers everywhere. 


Vistaly has created a visual decision-making platform that connects all aspects of your product. From strategy, to discovery, to delivery.

2020 / 2021 Cohort


HAVA Inc. has created a cost effective process to rapidly apply a new material, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), to fabrics, making it possible for the fabric to filter particulate and viral matter, be antibacterial, reduce odor, and become colorimetric sensors.

In Memory Of

Family-focused & donor-centric, In Memory Of is an online donation platform for honoring loved ones through memorial contributions.

Liquet Medical

Liquet Medical is a medical device company specializing in catheter-based localized drug delivery systems.  Their first product is an innovative catheter to treat Pulmonary Embolism, a disease with a significant need for improvement in patient outcomes and physician ease-of-use.


MedLock developed a hardware/software hybrid system that tracks and summarizes patient pillconsumption data for pharmacists and physicians, enabling early intervention incases of opioid misuse or diversion.


MetaCTF is a cybersecurity training and recruiting company that runs custom, fully hands-on cybersecurity competitions and labs designed to boost cybersecurity knowledge of students and industry practitioners or help organizations source, screen, and train new talent.

PS Fertility

PS Fertility's novel discovery of PS factor and its role in fertilization takes fertility testing to a level beyond sperm counting and motility measurement.


As a medical device startup focused on improving ergonomics of medical devices, SergoMED strives to empower physicians and enhance patient care. Currently, SergoMED is focused on developing and commercializing its pilot product in the gastroenterology specialty that improves endoscope ergonomics.


Vincipia provides a fully integrated management solution and eCommerce platform enabling beverage brands you to grow their business faster and work easier.


Vuetech's AI-powered monitoring system helps caregivers and nurses in hospital and care facilities prevent falls from happening, improving healthcare by saving lives and money.

2019 / 2020 Cohort


BEATDiabetes catalyzes behavioral change, improves health, and lowers costs in populations with Type 2 diabetes through the use of clinically proven mobile technology solutions, with a special focus on underserved populations that face barriers to care.


Brave has developed Valor —a hardware and software platform that presents coaches and athletes with core insights - position, force, velocity, and joint kinematics. All to help them do what they do best: coach and play.


Cardboard Live creates multi-platform interactive live stream experiences for esports and hobby games. The experiences revolutionize live streaming with integrated ecommerce and AI-powered game analysis. Contact: Wilson Hunter.


Data Classroom provides teachers the opportunity to integrate next generation data-skills seamlessly within the learning experiences they are already creating.


Icarus Medical has introduced a new class of knee brace as well as a scan-to-fabrication process to unload significant weight from the knee, enabling people with knee pain to stay active and healthy.


Lytos Technologies makes bio-based solutions to enable sustainable and safe food production. The company utilizes proteins that replace traditional chemical biopesticides used from the field to the final product, reducing environmental impact and risks to human health.


Metallum3D Inc. is a web based, on-demand, metal 3D printing service that utilizes low cost, high performance 3D printing equipment with our patent pending materials and microwave sintering process to provide our customers with affordable access to metal 3D printing


Northshea is an all-natural and sustainable shea butter based cosmetic line that functions to relieve dry skin while alleviating poverty.


Scanoptix is an intelligent medical diagnostic device and platform that automates and augments in-exam medical imaging by doctors, enhancing quality, efficiency, and billing. Contact: Arjun Dirghangi.


Slay is the most affordable and flexible beauty membership ever. A ClassPass for beauty, consumers seamlessly book appointments at salons. Contact: Kelly Bonilla.